‘Scaffold’ Digital ‘Sky glory’ Digital ‘The babbling brook’ Digital Helmut Licht / E-mail: Lyman409@Yahoo.com  409 Lyman Ave., Baltimore, MD 21212 / Phone: 410-323-0866 ‘Clouds rolling in’ Digital ‘Sterling’ Digital ‘Quasio’   Digital ‘Morning grouch’   Digital ‘Thinking’   Digital ‘The Beauty’   Digital ‘Escape’   Oil on canvas ‘Loose ends’   digital ‘Schweber’   digital Welcome to my world of art! I am a graduate of MICA  My art falls into two categories: Oils on canvas & Digital Art  My  oil paintings are fixed in size - What you see it what you get :) My digital art can be any size: I have ALL of my art ( about 4000 pieces) at YESSY.com Online Gallery.  For European customers I have a great amount of my art at Artwanted.com search: Helmut Licht  And also Artflakes.com Below are a few examples. Enjoy!